hi, I'm Autumn

Born in the dead of summer, growing up a happy camper to now, I can say I've been in awe of the world around me, and with every new adventure comes a book full of inspirations. I'm a lover of tall trees, intimidating mountains, and the moon that glows so beautifully at night. It's mama nature herself that has really helped shape the photographer I am today.

Aside from getting to "work" my dream job, I'm also a registered early childhood educator and work with many tiny humans on a daily basis.

I am a proud fur mama to my beautiful mutt Luna, and a dog-wanna-be kitty, Indi. I share a tiny cabin with Alex in Laurentian Valley where we currently get to escape the chaos of life and surround ourselves by the tranquility of nature.

I love the raw and organic moments that unravel during the time we spend together, and try my very best to ensure your session isn't just a session - it's an overall memorable experience and with every image I take, there is a story behind it. My heart burns with so much respect for the ones that push the boundaries on a traditional wedding/session, and beat to the rhythm of their own drum.

We get one chance at life, why not make it a rad one?

Love, Autumn

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now enough about my interests, I want to learn about your's!

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