Natalie + Josh

On a very gloomy and rainy Tuesday nearing the end of July, Josh and Natalie eloped in front of their closest family and friends within Algonquin Park. Something that I took away from this elopement was how much family truly mattered to Josh and Natalie. They managed to have two family members be brought up a mighty steep incline of a hike, in wheel chairs to ensure they wouldn't miss out on J+N's special day. How incredible is that?!

After frolicking in Algonquin, we all made our way to The Courtyard Bistro in Pembroke ON, for a rather delicious meal. While we were all seated, the sky began to break apart and that's when we knew that-that was our time to shine for some golden hour shots. I headed to the local beach while Josh and Nat headed home to quickly pick up their adorable Corgi, Rosie.

We played in the water, and fetch with Rosie before Josh and Nat realized they never got to share their personal vows during their ceremony. It is then when we decided it would be special for them to share them at blue hour, intimately while I played fly on the wall and documented their important words being shared to one another.

It was truly such a beautiful day and even though we went from one extreme of weather to the next, at the end of the day Josh and Nat were celebrated and I think that is pretty damn rad.