Taylor + Dalton

Being as familiar with Algonquin as I am, and being a big sucker for finding ways to make sure my couples truly have a unique experience with their session - this maternity shoot was so much fun!

T + D knew they wanted to meet me somewhere in between our two locations, but they also wanted to make sure it was easily accessible with Taylor being far along in her pregnancy. I instantly thought of the perfect spot for them and was so stoked to shoot! Making sure my clients are comfortable with the location is always my number one priority when it comes to planning out any type of session.

It was a pretty cold day but the birds were hungry and after a fresh snowfall had occurred, the location was absolutely perfect. Taylor and Dalton are waiting to find out the gender of baby once he or she is born, but we got a wild possible sign during our time shooting and now I eagerly wait to see if it was actually a sign or just a coincidence since we were having the conversation when it happened, haha.

Ohhh Algonquin, I love all the magic you bring to the table...