Kayla & Jeremy

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing K+ J's micro wedding in July. They still dreamed up their big day that would have taken place this year, but they wanting to go through with a micro wedding to get married on the date they planned. Flash forward to this year, we are still dealing with restrictions and unfortunately, K + J decided to cancel their wedding all together. Having to reschedule vendors a second and third time didn't seem like an experience they were wanting to go through or put their multiple vendors through.

I am so damn lucky they decided to still work with me and come up with a dreamy shoot. Watching event after event get cancelled or postponed has been such a difficult thing to process a second year in a row, so the fact that they were down to still hire me on meant an incredible amount to me. K + J expressed they wanted to change up locations to something more wooded and green, so we planned out a canoe rental located on Barron Canyon Road, and finished shooting up in Algonquin Park in the attire that both K + J would have worn to their wedding this year.

The most bittersweet thing about this entire session was that right after I finished shooting with K + J, I headed home to pack up the last few items in the cabin (including Luna and Indi) and said goodbye to living on Barron Canyon Road that evening. It was a heart ache I can't quite explain filled with lots of tears. Very grateful my mom had come up as emotional support.

Barron Canyon Road means so much to me, and every chance I get to head down that way fills my heart with so much joy - even more now.