If you were wondering who the coolest parents are, they are Boone's parents.

I have had the absolute pleasure of capturing all the milestones in Chris + Britt's life, with their newest adventure of being parents. I think my favourite thing about this family session was that you could still see all the passion for their life before Boone being brought into his life. He's going to go on many adventures, and try out all the rad hobbies he can get his hands on. He's going to experience so many amazing things because Chris + Britt ensure it's incorporated into his life.

This session was shot at 6AM and for anyone with little ones, I would highly suggest going with a morning session! It makes transitions a little easier on everyone, as well as decreases the chances of anyone feeling over tired after a really long day leading up to a session.

This session was not directed with poses at all. Everything that happened came naturally, and I was simply a fly on the wall documenting their time at the beach. It's my favourite way of capturing a family session, and it won't stop any time soon!