It's truly always an honour when I can have clients that trust me to document such an emotionally important moment for them. Krystel reached out very last minute with wanting to capture her body at 41 weeks pregnant with her soon to be daughter. Of course, how could I say no to such a bad ass woman?

We trekked far enough down the beach early in the morning to a secluded area where we could take advantage of privacy. That's something I take very seriously with my clients when they make it clear they don't want an audience.

I was seriously at awe for how gorgeous and glowing Krystel looked. May I add it was already about 25 degrees celsius out when we began shooting at 6:30 in the morning! I think I was more out of breath and sweaty than Krystel was, haha. This mama to be looked flawless and I am so happy I got to document such an extreme milestone in her life.