OKAY!!! These two were an absolute blast to work with. The story behind their love is also just the sweetest.

Lauren and Brandon met while Brandon played hockey/went to university with Lauren's brother in Philadelphia. As graduation neared, their feelings for each other started to develop. When Brandon moved back to Canada, he invited Lauren to come up for Thanksgiving. She of course made the trip after frantically getting her passport renewed haha. After that, they were inseparable and Lauren would fly up to visit every 2-3 weeks. Eventually, Lauren moved in with Brandon and became a permanent Canadian resident (YAY!!!)

Brandon ended up proposing not too long ago at this exact location below, one of his and his family's favourite spots. His parents decked out the area in lanterns and pillows and had it all set up as a big surprise for Lauren - SO cute!

Lauren has to go back to finish some schooling in the states for 6 weeks so it was important to get their engagement session photographed before things get busy.

It was so nice getting to know these two, learning their hobbies, and seeing the spots they love around the Ottawa Valley - including their adorable little house out in the country... AND their dog Brewer <3

Wishing you two all the best, and congrats again love birds!