You've seen Mac and Nichole on here plenty of times. I've been super fortunate enough to gain these two as not only clients, but friends too. I love them. I love photographing them, watching them grow as a couple, and having the best conversations with them. We're obsessed with each others pets, and if I could move in with them, I probably would do that too, hahaha jk.

We ended up shooting Mac and Nichole's anniversary photos right at the location Mac proposed to Nichole at in Algonquin Park.

I'm a massive fan of anniversary photos. I refuse to accept the excuse "there is never time for a session". You make the time. Treat it as a date night. Get those moments captured. Include your children, pets, family. Anniversary photos are there to remind you how while time continues to pass, your love is still very much alive - burning with new memories and milestones. Heck, you don't even need to be married to do this. Whether you're married or just dating, each year brings change and it's absolutely amazing to document those changes and absorb the wild adventure you continue to ride.

Happy one year of marriage you two!