Garret & Kimberly

On an oddly hot September day, I had the privilege of documenting G + K's beautiful Stratford Country Club wedding.

I've known Garret for a few years now, and when I received an email from him asking if I could photograph his wedding in a years time, I couldn't say no. Growing up in a farming community myself, I was over joyed knowing I was being given the opportunity to come home and get a taste of what I had as a kid.

Kim got ready surrounded by her family and friend's on their family farm. The property boasted with beautiful crops sunflowers, and apple trees, as well as their gorgeous stone brick home. Garret prepared for the big day with his parents, brother, and his groomsmen by playing some rounds of pool, and some classic cold beverages.

Their ceremony was beautiful, surrounded by golf greens and tall maple tress. I was blown away by how tasteful the reception was inside the Stratford Country Club. From the tablescapes, to the lighting fixtures, the aesthetics of the indoor venue was one of my favourites this year.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day, and for giving me that "it feels like home" vibe throughout the day.

Love, Autumn xx