What to wear to a session with Autumn?

If y'all know me well, you know I am a sucker for those neutral colours. It's easily seen just within the tones I use in my images. My photography is always inspired by nature, and I really push to have a blend of eco colours in both my editing, and with what my clients wear. I've developed a free guide/blog to assist my future clients with planning their outfits accordingly to my style of work.

While a blog below will be filled with great advice and tips please read the following before presuming.

Please avoid wearing; running shoes, work boots, graphic t-shirts/logos, sunglasses, or ball caps to your session unless it's been communicated ahead of time (we've planned a specific look). Avoid wearing clothing that wrinkles or at least shows wrinkles easy, as well as wearing colours that shows pet hair. It's handy to bring a lint roller to your session, just in case ;)

*images posted below have been found on Pinterest and are linked to where they came from within Pinterest*

Spring Sessions

Spring can be a tricky time to decide on what to wear. Is it too cold still, or is there a weird flow of humidity? Typically Spring is the awkward time of the year we just don't really know what to expect with.

This time of year is also hard to determine what colours we'll have to work with as a background. Trees are not in full bloom, and sometimes the grass is still a little yellow - at least till the middle of May anyways. I always say it's safe to play with light neutral colours and pastels. Nothing that will overly pop with too much colour, but will also not wash anyone out in photos. The colour palette below is the perfect guide to the colours I enjoy working with in the spring. Avoid reds, oranges, and fluorescent colours to a session in the Spring with me, please.

Summer Sessions

Feeeeelin' hot hot hot... Feeeeelin' hot hot hot - Michael Scott.

The colours are bursting, and so is our moods! Let's go swimming, hiking, camping, or have a picnic!!! With those session ideas in mind, outfits should be planned accordingly. Colours can be a little more bolder in this season. Personally, I'm a sucker for anyone that wears black or white to their session with me in the summer. This is also the time to play with more vibrant neutrals such as burnt oranges, forest or emerald greens, and bring on the navy! I love the barefoot look in summer, but if you are determined to wear shoes, make sure you pack something comfortable but a little dressy (avoid thong flip-flops)

This is the season to play with accessories. Bring a hat, or a bold statement jewellery like clay made earrings!

Fall Sessions

It's fall y'all!!! The most favourite time for me to shoot. It's no longer humid, and the bugs have disappeared. The air is crisp, and the collage of colours is SO good!

When it comes to planning outfits, you'll need to consider how much colour is already outside. Often clients believe that Buffalo Plaid is the way to go and I am here to tell you it is not, haha. Warm neutral colours with black pants or jeans is a really flattering look when it comes to blending well with fall tones.

Winter Sessions

Ahhhh the season we dread, but somehow turns out to be the most anticipated seasonal change?!

Winter is a tricky time of year to shoot as well as plan sessions. If we don't have a fresh snow fall or are surrounded by evergreens, our backdrop looks a lot like a coffee with too much creamer. For this time of year it's super crucial for my clients to stick to the neutral colours as best they can. Unless we're taking a funny Christmas card, red just doesn't work with the tones I edit with.

Its key to wear layers and avoid the chunky coats and clunky Sorel boots for photos. Dress warm until you have a arrived to your session, and then you can debulk. A key note is to always bring hand warmers as well as a good pair of insulated socks to your session!

Start planning!

Look it, at the end of the day, it's really what you feel most comfortable in. My guide is only here to assist my clients in finding the right colours that will flow with the photos taken and edited by me. Make sure you choose pieces of clothing you feel yourself in, and also clothing that helps boost your confidence!

If you book an hour session, you have the enjoyment of having one casual look and one semi formal look. I always, ALWAYS love seeing my clients have the opportunity to get a little dressed up for photos. We don't always get that chance, so why not take it?

As for my engagement sessions, there's one to two outfit changes. The perfect excuse to splurge on a gorgeous semi formal gown and suit for those super special intimate moments. Take it as a date night!

Below I will link specific boards that I feel can be really helpful in planning outfits accordingly but never ever feel like you cannot reach out to me. I'm totally here to help make decisions and guide you to different outlets in finding specific articles of clothings and accessories! Definitely try to buy second hand or borrow before scouting for something new :)

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