Have you ever truly stopped and taken a minute to appreciate each other's presence? Absorbed the stillness? Felt the goosebumps and imperfections that make up your partner? Have you taken a moment to be vulnerable so you can remind that person just how much they mean to you?

p.s i love you is designed to give that gentle reminder you + your partner may need.

This session is to bring closeness, stillness, and show the pure beauty behind vulnerability. Skin on skin, passion, and authenticity. For a minimum of two hours, you will start your session off learning to be comfortable and to chat one on one with me. We'll document you at your most comfortable, and ease into the most vulnerable. Before we kick up the passion notch, we'll take a moment for you two to read love letters to each other. This is a must for this session, and here's why. It allows you to pour your heart out, and remind your partner just how much you love them. This will help loosen any bit of tension left before we allow the rest of the session to unravel. It seems wild, and believe me it is. However, every client that has had this session has left feeling so alive and reconnected with their spouse, and I think that is pretty dang amazing!!!!