Booking with me will allow you to experience all the adventures that comes with a wedding day.

Navigating through finding the perfect photographer can be tricky. While I've never booked my own wedding photographer, I have had the experience of booking photographers for a multitude of other reasons. It always comes down to finding someone who you can trust to invest in capturing the organic moments you want to remember forever, but also finding someone you can connect with and value your needs.

The importance of your experience working with me...

  • PRESENCE. You can be 100% present on your day - allowing you to indulge in all the investments you've made, including relationships with family + friends.
  • CANDID MOMENTS!!! The only times I'll need you to be front and centre to follow guided and helpful instructions is during your family, bridal party, and portrait photos. The rest of the time you can catch me being a fly on the wall capturing all the beautiful moments that make up your day. This allows that presence to work, and for you to stay committed to enjoying your day from start to finish. This also opens opportunities for me to capture so many pure + authentic moments that you can always look back on for years to come.
  • DEVELOPING FRIENDSHIPS. I value my clients as if they were my friends. I find it extremely important to know my clients well leading up to their wedding/elopement day so that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. This can be achieved through various techniques such as zoom calls, phone calls, coffee dates, and of course the most helpful, engagement sessions. The best feeling in the world is seeing each other as friends and not just as vendor vs client(s). It makes for smooth transitions, and conversations throughout your event.

Nature is the biggest reason for my specialization in outdoor events.

There is truly nothing more sweeter than shooting in natural light from dusk till dawn. Using natures elements and colour pallets throughout my line of work is a major indulgence in my photography style. Shooting backyard weddings, elopements in national/provincial parks, and intimate receptions at family cottages is where this wild passion of mine grew. It's how my admiration to work with rebellious dreamers continues to burn so bright.

By using a documentary approach, there is never the fear of imperfection.

If you're looking for the Pinterest worthy approach, sadly I will not be able to shoot your wedding day. I strive very hard for a documentary approach. This comes with the territory of shooting a vast variety of emotions and moments ."Going with the flow" if you will. I crave the sincere candidacy of love, laughter, and vulnerability. Worrying about getting the perfect shot or "look" only presses unwanted and unneeded stress to both clients and myself. Trusting me to capture each detail throughout your entire event will only help evolve the story of your wedding day that you've worked so hard to create.

Dream Team?!

Now that I've helped paint the picture of what choosing me to document your dream day would look like, it's time to ask yourself if we value the same importances for your wedding day. If we don't, I respect you for honouring what matters most to you, and I wish you nothing but the best for your event. IF you can see us jamming well together, what are you waiting for??? Let's chat!

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