I want you to choose me to be your photographer because we vibe well together, and you can trust in what I value in your wedding day. I don't just capture the popular images that float around on social media. I capture the organic and authentic moments that piece together your wedding day. I document the tears, the laughters, and the "oops" moments as well. No matter how your wedding turns out, photos help tell the story, and I would love nothing more than to be the illustrator of your day.

I live for the ones that want to break the barriers of traditional weddings, and beat to the rhythm of their own drum. No one ever said you had to break the bank to express your love, especially in front of everyone you actually want present on your day. I truthfully believe there are far more emotional and intimate moments with smaller and unique weddings than there is for the larger upscale weddings. Not to say they don't matter either, but for myself I honour what inspires me, and that is the small knit ceremonies and backyard receptions that speak to my brand.

Specializing in small + intimate weddings, I travel both Canadian and Internationally wide with a guest list no larger than 150. If you feel like we will not be a good fit, that is completely okay. There is a photographer out there meant for you :)

If you feel we are a match made in heaven please take the next step which is getting in contact with me, and we can set up your free consultation via coffee date or phone call!